Game of Truth OR Dare Questions

In the truth or dare questions game, I do not know if it happened to you, but many times you think you know a person and reality ends up giving you a big slap because you realize you do not know him at all. That's why today we have prepared these 100 best questions to get to know someone better, to better know the people around us. You will also find some essential videos.

If we want to know someone well we have to surprise him, we have to get out of the usual path with which we relate and attack directly to get the information we want to know by playing the game of truth or dare questions.

The originality is fundamental in this aspect, because it is about getting to know a person better, game with the best truth or dare questions (truth or dare party game)entering into their inner world that is the one that will really inform us about their emotions, feelings, fears, dreams, and why not, their personality type and even about the behavior patterns of people.

Questions to ask in Truth OR Dare Game

1. Describe who you are in three words

This question will serve to warm up the engines and see what that person looks like to himself, the level of his self-esteem, high or low. Ask them to be more specific. This serves to get an idea about how the other person sees herself. On how is his balance between ego and soul, and even where his self-esteem is located.

2. What do you do when all eyes are on you? And when nobody looks at you?

Bufff! If you have heard about Johari's window, he tells us that we all have a hidden back room that comes up when no one looks at us ... what is yours?

3. Are you happy with your physique? If you could change one part of your body, only one: what would you change?

A video simply spectacular for us to understand where the shots go with this question.

"Comfortable" is an experiment carried out by the Jubilee Project, an organization formed by people who tell stories in order to offer a constructive feedback to the world.

In it, 50 people were asked: "If you could change only one part of your body, what would you change?" With the answers they made an essential video:

3. Tell me the story of your life in 5 minutes, I will time.

By limiting the time you will get to the point. With this question, he will tell us the main moments that have marked his life.

4. How do other people define you, your friends?

Through this question, perhaps you tell us something that even it is not very pleasant to hear about yourself.

5. What is the decision, project or thing that you feel most proud of?

At this point our ego appears to indicate how we are vain. With this question you will know if the ego manages you or is able to control it.

6. What is the big mistake in your life?

With this question we will get to know someone better but really. It will bring us closer to that inflection point of the one who repents, wants to forget or is still hammering his head.

7. What would you like to do that you are not doing right now? What would you do next? And what do you do to make it happen?

Through this question we will see what is your predisposition to leave your comfort zone ...

8. How would you like to be remembered by people when you are no longer here? What would you like them to say about you?

We will make your life pass in front of your eyes in a few moments. Question loaded with depth that if answered with sincerity will bring us closer to the other person.

9. If you could disappear from your environment and start a new life from scratch, would you do it?

Perhaps a question to know someone a little drastic but also very enlightening ... take advantage and ask him the reasons if he has answered with a yes.

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10. Which person do you prefer to ask for advice?

We will see how he moves between his relationships: father, mother, friend, friend, partner ... depending on the answer he will tell us a lot about his personality.

11. What has been the best day of your life?

The least that can happen is that your eyes shine. One of those questions to make someone happy, even if only for a brief moment. Maybe I'll be able to transport you to that moment, too.

12. If you could dine with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

The importance of our physique can give us many clues about how the person is. Maybe for you this is not one of those powerful questions to know someone better, but I assure you that in this video the little ones give us a life lesson of those that we can not and should not forget.

13. What is your biggest dream? Would you be willing to share it?

Let your imagination fly and also let us know how to travel through life.

I recommend you to read Follow your heart, as if life were in it.

14. If you knew that you were going to die in a year, what changes would you introduce in your way of life?

With this question we will know his priorities in life, and even that which gives him the most pleasure.

15. If you could live forever, would you?

Nel de Grasse Tyson, astrophysicist, writer and American science writer, gives us a personal vision of how not to fear death. For him it is not about wanting to live forever.

16. What kind of music do you usually listen to and at what specific times? Tell me about your favorite groups and artists.

Music is a fundamental part of the life of many of us. This question serves to get to know the other person better and to know about their preferences in a subject that is very subjective and handled from the right side of the brain.

17. What does it mean to you to be free? What does it imply?

In this aspect each one of us has different sensations and we will be able to perceive the level of ability of the other person when dealing with complex issues, close to philosophy.

18. If the genius of the wonderful lamp appeared to you, what three wishes would you ask for?

Perhaps another of those moments of fantasy in which to ask this question your imagination will overflow and a smile will be outlined on your face.

19. A question: what am I to you?

Depending on the relationship you have and at the moment this question may be too direct. Although your curiosity abalance you to realize it ... be careful!

Truth or dare Questions for the Game

20. If you could choose your current age which one would you choose?

Asking this question to know someone better will help you know if you remember your childhood with fondness or are happy with the current moment among many other options.

21. Do you often think about how you feel from the emotional point of view?

This way you will know if this person knows how to manage their emotions or has created habits to improve their emotional intelligence. This habit is usually associated with less impulsiveness and the habit of thinking about the consequences of things before doing them.

What do you think if you take a look at: The great habits of people with high emotional intelligence

22. What is your greatest fear? What are you most irrationally afraid of?

With this question you can explore the obsessions and fears of the other person.

23. What would you not do for all the gold in the world?

Or in other words, what is your price? Here the values ​​will handle the answer.

24. If you were an object, what would you be? And because? What if you were an animal? And if you were a color, which one would you identify?

An inquiry to know something about the self-image of the person who will respond, the characteristics that he considers most relevant and those that are not. A fun game of questions that can clarify many things.

25. What was the last lie you said?

A question that can alleviate the interlocutor when he answers it.

26. What do you have to give thanks in your life?

It is one of those answers that can only be answered from the heart. And it will give us a lot of information.

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Also from the heart I encourage you to write a letter to your minor friend thanking him for his friendship and existence. He will thank you with all his being.

27. If you could talk to the child you were, what advice would you give him?

This question can give us clues about their values ​​in life and their learning among many others.

28. What is the best and worst time of the year for you?

29. What is your biggest flaw? And your greatest virtue?

When we open these questions we look for sincerity and self-criticism in the answer.

30. What is it that you have most appreciated in life? Did you tell him?

With this question you will make an incursion into your deepest interior in a soft way, you can even make the other person feel better.

31. When did you cry last?

It will open your heart telling you some time for the very painful or emotional. Look well for the time to do it.

32. Do you prefer a short and intense life or a longer and quieter one?

I have it clear, and you?

33. If you could ask me anything, what would it be?

Be careful who you do it to!

34. What superhero would you like to be and why?

Once again the imagination mounted on a bicycle and downhill ... let us enjoy!

35. How is the relationship with your family?

It is important to know if you are a person attached to your family members or if you are an independent person, which does not mean that you do not appreciate your loved ones. You may also have a bad relationship and want to improve it.

36. Do you have your life planned? What is the plan?

Plan the future or not, it will determine if we are before a person planning, something meticulous or on the contrary before someone who leaves his life to improvisation.

37. What would be your perfect birthday?

Not everything will be serious questions ... take your anniversary more personal, may arise effect. We will see how your internal visualization machine works.

38. Would you like to travel to other planets if extraterrestrials invited you to it?

A carefree question that will make you imagine the situation to relieve tensions and create a relaxed atmosphere among so many questions, although the beliefs will come to the surface.

39. What is the quality that you have that you like the most?

It is a way to see how the interlocutor considers and values ​​himself and to extract very good information about the person.

40. Is there any belief that you would like to remove from your life?

The management of beliefs is fundamental for the improvement of our quality of life and our emotional intelligence.

Do Ask these Truth OR Dare questions in the Game

41. Make a small ranking with your three main values.

Will they match yours?

42. If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you renounce?

I have it clear, and you?

43. Do you tell me a secret about you that nobody else knows about?

Get ready, tell a secret denotes a great confidence of the one who tells it to his interlocutor, do not disappoint him.

44. If you had 100 million euros / dollars, what would you spend them on?

Our priorities, our desires ... all embodied in money. A difficult issue to manage.

45. Describe me your perfect day.

I can think of so many things! Here and through this question we can get the person to indicate their priorities, their needs.

46. ​​How is the person of your dreams?

Let the person release hopes and hopes if it is the case ...

47. What phrase would you say to your ex-partner if you had it in front of you?

A moment that can be liberation, affection, emotion ... each of us keep feelings of one kind or another that can make that phrase a great gift or just the opposite. Do not miss this video.

47. How would you like to be in the future?

This is one of those questions to better know someone who will help you to know the aspirations of this person, as well as some aspects of their self-esteem and self-concept.

48. What would you give up for love?

Love moves the world and people, but how much?

49. What would you do for love?

A question that is more of the same ... but from another point of view. The love moves the world…

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Playing the game of Truth OR Dare Questions

50. What is the best joke you have spent?

This way you will know if he is a joker and what kind and intensity his jokes are.

50 other interesting and original questions to meet a person

51. You are diurnal or nocturnal.

A question about your life habits that can help us a lot if we relate to that person.

52. Who governs your life: your ego or your soul?

Perhaps a question in which the one that receives it will converse with itself trying to understand many of its reactions. Give him time in his answer.

If there is someone who can help you answer this deep question is Eckhart Tolle, I recommend this article: Thoughts and reflections of Eckhart Tolle in Spanish .

53. How often do you defend what you believe in?

Or to put it another way: are you one of those who take steps forward in the defense in what you consider fair or hold cars and carts?

54. What have you always wanted and have not achieved?

You can know what dreams you have.

55. Do you have or have you been afraid of death?

Being afraid of death is something that usually appears in our lives sooner or later ... living in the present or living in frustration are two indicators that we can draw from this question.

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56. What historical person would you like to interview?

This question is useful to know better the philosophical concerns of the person, their interests and even their cultural baggage.

57. If you could go back in time, what would you do?

It has passed through my head so many times ...

57. Do you prefer the mountain, beach or be at home?

A more trivial question but that will help us in the knowledge of the person.

58. What have been the best vacations you have had?

Let the imagination fly again.

59. What is the most beautiful thing you have done for love?

One of those committed questions that will inform you about your way of facing love. If it is romantic or rather cold.

60. Where would you like to live?

61. What is your favorite book?

We will know if it is from people with an interest in reading and, in passing, knowing their literary tastes, something that can give us a lot of information. We will also know if reading is a habit.

About habits, you have read: Change habits: The definitive guide

62. If you had it, what would you spend a lot of money on?

Once again priorities and values ​​to collation.

63. What three things do you appreciate most in a person?

It is better not to start asking this question, as it is quite personal. It can serve you to know the values ​​that the interlocutor most appreciates.

64. If you could travel in time, to what present or future times would you travel?

A question to take your mind anywhere ... let it enjoy.

65. What is the most exotic or weird thing you have eaten?

Do we have before us an adventurous person who likes new experiences or someone calmer, more comfortable in routines?

66. If you worked in the circus, what character would you be?

Here, with this issue to get to know a person better, personality backgrounds that were previously hidden can come out.

67. With whom would you lose yourself on a desert island?

Typical but clarifying ... ojito to whom you ask!

68. What would you save if you only had thirty seconds?

In this video you will find another great lesson from the smallest ones in size but not from the heart.

69. What is your life purpose?

In the following link, you will see where the shots of this question are going ...

10 Truth OR Dare Questions to ask In Game

70. Do you believe in eternal love?

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questions to meet a person questions to meet a person

71. What melody or song would serve to summarize your personality? Why?

The essence of a person condensed in music. A difficult task, but not impossible.

72. What skill would you like to perfect to consider yourself an expert in it?

It serves to know more about the tastes of this person and, on the other hand, the type of challenges and projects that you would like to undertake.

73. What kind of people generate fear in you?

Through this question to get to know our neighbor better, we will know what type of behaviors go away

74. What is the greatest madness you have done in your life?

It will help us to know if it is a person who sometimes or always skips the rules, what he respects and does not, and how much fun it can be to be by his side. A classic but tremendously useful question to understand what level of emotions you want in your life.

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75. What do you value most in a friendship?

It is an easy way to know what the other person needs and if you, with your way of being and qualities, can contribute it.

76. What things would you like to know about the universe?

One of those questions to know someone deeply that carries an implicit philosophical brushstroke.

77. If you had to choose fame and money over happiness and time ... Which one would you choose?

I have it clear ... and you?

78. If you could only have one hobby, what would it be?

Asking about hobbies may seem typical, but it is imperative to meet someone. With this question you will be able to know if that person is sportsman, retailer, competitive, sociable or passionate.

79. What is it that would most thrill you to live for the next 10 years?

Let us visualize your future and that of those around you to answer us ... let your mind travel.

80. If you could describe love in one word ... What would it be?

Depending on your answer we will know if we are facing a passionate person, cold, quiet or emotionally uncontrolled.

81. Would you write a book about your life?

Through this question our ego will float, self-esteem to answer us. We will also know if an intense life is enclosed behind that person.

82. Which of all your scars has the best story?

And this question also includes those scars that leave no external trace, but in our minds and our hearts.

83. What is the title of the current chapter of your life?

It will serve to take the person to here and now and create a time horizon that will help us to know that person better.

84. What is the hardest lesson you have learned?

Through this question to know better another person, we can get a lot of information about those difficult times that have taught something to others.

85. Who is the person who has left the most impression on you?

Direct to the heart ...

86. What gives meaning to your life? truth or dare question

Without risk to equivocarme one of those questions to know someone well that will make the person who receives inquire with their feelings to the surface.

87. What personal object would hurt you the most?

Through this symbol that we want to safeguard from everything we will find a lot of information about what matters to us a lot in life.

88. Would you forgive an infidelity?

The typical question but that says a lot about a person. One of those questions to know someone really, in their innermost forum.

89. Would you like an eternal life or do you think everything should end?

To answer this question we will have to put beliefs and our way of thinking about many sensitive topics, such as love, on the table.

Next truth or dare question is,

90. Do you believe in God? In what or who do you think?

The beliefs and how we see life and the Universe will be the objectives of these questions to know someone better.

Recommendation on the subject: How is the God of Spinoza in which Einstein believed?

91. Do you have a phobia?

Among the psychological questions, few give rise to such interesting answers when it comes to knowing a person as those who deal with their traumas and phobias.

92. Is there something or someone you miss?

An original and profound question, which will undoubtedly reveal much of the other person's privacy if she is open to show it to us.

93. If you could die and be reborn in another person ... Who would you choose?

It will help us to know what kind of person you would like to become ...

94. When was the last time you cried?

We all cry, some more than others, but for what reasons and when?

questions to know someone better, questions to know someone better

95. Do you think you are the hero of your own life or the victim in search of help?

Preguntita direct to the waterline ...

96. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island ... What would be the 3 things that would help you survive mentally and physically?

It seems typical but this question to get to know a person better will help us to get into their emotional and physical needs in a direct way.

97. Would you sacrifice a person's life to save a hundred human beings?

With this question you will be able to know if for the one in front of you the end justifies the means. One of those questions to know someone better that is an authentic depth load towards your personal values ​​and principles. It will inform you about whether you are a rational or emotional person, given that emotional people tend to be oriented in the short term and rational ones more in the long term when evaluating the consequences of their actions over time.

98. What would you change about your life?

Maybe one of those questions to get to know each other better than everyone should answer very calmly. Who receives it will have to perform an act of honesty to answer it. A question that by answering it avoids a flight forward.

99. If there were only 24 hours left so that now if the world ended, what would you do?

Take our imagination to the limit through this question to know how we really are.

100. Our final truth or dare question: Is there any other question you want me to ask you?

Let's leave the ball on the roof of our interlocutor, if we do it quickly is therefore possibly want to tell something that is burning inside and needs to get it out.

Have you had enough? So far we have come up with this exercise of knowing through truth or dare questions for the game to another person and also to ourselves. If you can think of more, I would love to leave it in the comments section, later we will update it with your help.


A game that can reveal many secrets among friends and acquaintances. Do you dare to try it?